Note- I had asked my 11 year-old sister Jannah to share some reflections after visiting New Askar. This is what she had to say. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. 

Recently, I visited Palestine with my parents to go see my Great- Grandmother. While we were there, my older brother was there with his friends and partners working on Lead Palestine. One day, they invited us to go to the refugee camp of New Askar. Before I went, I honestly expected it to be a sad and even maybe a depressing place, without hope. But, my thoughts automatically changed and were proved wrong as soon as I stepped foot out of the van. All the kids there who were probably around my age had kind and welcoming smiles, like rays of sunshine. It was so contrary to my thoughts, yet in the best way possible. I was elated and being there made me realize, that no matter what situation you are in, you can always find the bright side to it. I hope someday I can go back to the refugee camp of New Askar and renew the inspiration I had that day.

-11 year old Jannah Khalaf